“Flower Power”

Has there ever been a truer statement about flowers blossoming and nature unfolding with the arrival of spring? And you thought this story was about “that time” in history!!

“ Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ” –Robin Williams

Flowers are a wonderful and constant reminder of the earth’s generous abundance, which is not only a visual feast, but also food for the soul.

With the arrival of spring, we witness nature painting landscapes all over Virginia in hues of bright, vibrant and glorious colors. To celebrate this amazing annual transformation, the Garden Club of Virginia hosts “America’s Largest Open House,” familiarly known as Historic Garden Week. Between April 18th and April 25th, over 250 beautiful homes, gardens and historic landmarks will be putting on a show!

Now I know you have all been stalking your calendars for the first warm day of spring and positioning yourselves to bolt from the “refresh your garden” starting line. You want to get it all done in order to admire your gardening talents and enjoy the view. Well, those gracious people who open their homes and gardens have been “at it” for at least a year! That should be enough time to prepare for hundreds of visitors to grace their doorstep! A friend of mine once said that putting your house on tour for Garden Week is comparable to the preparation needed to sell your home! Whew!

Did you know that the state of Virginia hosts the largest statewide house and garden event in the nation? You can visit sites from the mountains to the sea! Funds from this tremendous undertaking help restore and renovate historic gardens throughout the state. One example of such a restoration is the UVA Pavilion Gardens.

Headquarters for the Historic Garden Week are in the beautifully restored Kent-Valentine House located at 12 East Franklin Street in Richmond. This magnificent home is a “must see” while in Richmond during Historic Garden Week. Before or after your visit there, enjoy a sumptuous lunch next door with our sponsor - “Homemades by Suzanne at The Colony Club” www.colonyclubandcatering.com

Organize your friends and family to be “wowed” and inspired as they tour the gardens and homes, many open to the public for the first time for Garden Week. You’ll enjoy all types of architecture, art, and home decorating, as well as floral designs.

You can visit www.VAGardenweek.org to purchase tickets and see the “Tour Highlights” pages and schedules. Garden Week guidebooks may be found at many Visitor Centers throughout Virginia, or check with restaurants and shops in your area.

Last but, not least, wear comfortable shoes! – and enjoy the first rites of spring!

Until my next Mary Mack Monday…

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