River Birch Nursery & Animal Farm

Locust Hill, Virginia 23092
(804) 758-3522

When I first heard about “River Birch Landscaping & Nursery” I shook my head in disbelief…a landscaping & nursery with animals! Never did I dream that such a sweet magical world was located outside of Richmond, VA in a very small town called Locust Hill…on Highway 33 headed east from West Point, VA.

Being an animal lover, I jumped out of my car and ran toward the animals. I was immediately surrounded by a cacophony of sounds from “cock-a-doodle-doos” to “baa-baa’s” and “oink-oinks”! OK, so what’s the big deal? Well, not only did I see the “regular” barnyard families, but peacocks, peahens, emus, potbellied pigs, wild turkeys, gorgeous birds, goats, miniature ponies and beautiful cackling geese. Some animals were strutting their stuff walking around the property, though most were in vast enclosures…everyone having a great time out in the sunshine and enjoying the attention they were getting from my friend and me. I felt like “Dr. Doolittle”!! I just knew those animals understood me and my presence was making a difference in their day!

And the nursery… gorgeous plants, trees, garden follies, seeds, gardening gadgets, et al! This is such a unique place to shop, take the children, grandchildren and yourself! The staff love their animals, take great pride in their plants, and even have a wonderful gift store to satisfy your many gifting needs .

Stock up on your plantings for spring and have fun visiting the “River Birch Animal Farm” …you’ll be hopping and shopping for joy!

PS – Head on down the road to Mathews, VA and explore a friendly little village and enjoy a home cooked meal at Richardson’s, a family owned restaurant on “Town Square”! ‘Til next Monday!,-

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