Welcome to MaryMackMinutes.com!  We are excited to be launching our website, which is all about boosting your spirits with light-hearted, human interest stories.  Our vignettes feature thriving family businesses, impassioned individuals and groups and unique places in our region that get bypassed only because we are unaware.

MaryMack Minutes.com will share unique themes which are available to you for a day trip adventure or just that extra lift we sometimes need to remind us of the enjoyable talents of those often nearby.  Our corporate sponsors have chosen to be a part of our site as a way of thanking you and acknowledging the role that your success plays into theirs.  Our site will change frequently with new features and interests and we hope you check in with us often.  You are encouraged to stop by our site each Monday to view  “MaryMackMondays” – This weekly “blog-like” feature will offer a new koool outing to include in your upcoming weekend plans.  And, YES - Please let us know of a vignette that you think we might feature on MaryMackMinutes.com.


MaryMackMondays  This “blog-like” feature is updated every Monday and showcases a special little place or activity that we have visited and think is worth sharing with you. What better way to start the week than to look forward to some more MaryMackMinutes in your upcoming weekend plans!

Video Vignettes ……are three minutes or less and are actual film productions which share the story of fascinating people and places throughout the region.  Our video vignettes give our viewers the opportunity to enjoy the workings of others even if you are unable to make the trip to see the real thing.  Our library is a work in progress and you will see many additions in the coming months!

Fun Links While our website is centered around Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic, we are using this link to share special sites and RSS feeds that we just think are down right fun, entertaining and uniquely informative… and are located all over the place!

Contact Us – Please do, we want to hear from you!


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